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I moved to the Hudson Valley four years ago. Before then I lived in NYC.  I must’ve lived in at least seven different apartments since the late 1980s.

Friends ask me if I miss it. Not for a second. Whenever I even think about the city I find myself silently shaking my head.

I remember Hurricane Sandy. The power out for over a week. The city shut down. Nothing at the grocery story but empty shelves. I remember thinking, this is what it will be like when the water doesn’t recede. One day the city will shut down and it won’t start up again. I used to think that time was way, way off. But now…not so much.

Did I write a song about it? I don’t know. I was just trying to write about something bigger than Paradise burning and make it sound good.

Maybe you’ll tell me what you think. I’d like to hear your thoughts, if you’d like to share them.

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